Token - Zagrebačka banka (2024)

Tokens are used for user identification and authentication of transactions. You can use it to log in to e-zaba or the e-Citizens system, and for online shopping with cards.

m-token is a free service within m-zaba which enables:

  • flexibility – it is installed on your mobile phone, so you can access e-zaba, shop online or access the e-Citizens system wherever and whenever you want
  • foreign currency transfers to abroad accounts using e-zaba
  • the fastest and easiest order signing in e-zaba – by scanning a QR code
  • secure payments using e-zaba by applying the advanced DFE option.

For using m-token, you need a mobile phone with iOS orAndroidoperating system andInternet access.


  1. Availability and savings -completely free for all clients. If you have a smartphone, choose m-token to have it by your side at all times
  2. Convenience -ensures secure online shopping, the use of e-zaba and log in to the e-Citizens system
  3. It is secure since it is activated by entering a PIN known only to you

Additional information and assistance:
01 3789 785

m-token is available for the majority of mobile phones using the following operating systems:

  • iOS (minimum requirement: 10.0., recommended 13.0 or higher)
  • Android (minimum requirement: 5.0., recommended 10.0 or higher)


Identification document (ID card or passport)


The service is free.


    m-token is a service within m-zaba used for the same functions as the physical token – for user identification and authorization of transactions when using e-zaba (Internet banking) and for online shopping and accessing the e-Citizens system (where you can download and check extracts from different registries, tax account cards, etc.).

    Unlike the physical token, m-token is installed on your mobile device and it is therefore more convenient and accessible.

    To use m-token, it is required to:

    • arrange the m-token service
    • install the m-zaba application on your mobile device

    m-token and m-banking can be arranged in any branch of the Bank, and you can choose whether you would like to arrange one service or both.

    In order to use m-token, you need to install the m-zaba application on your mobile device. Depending on the type of mobile device you are using open:

    -App Store

    -Google Play

    -App Gallery

    On-screen of the service select application “m-zaba” and click “Install”.


    After downloading m-zaba, activate it by entering the ID and Activation Key, after which you can specify the PIN for further use of m-token and m-banking.
    If you have arranged only m-token, that service will be activated within m-zaba.
    If you previously arranged one of the services (e.g. m-token), and you are subsequently arranging another one (m-banking), you do not need to retrieve the ID and Activation Key. You can start using the service right away, using the same PIN you specified for the previously arranged service.


    Please make sure that the mobile data on your device are turned on.


    Unambiguous identification with any arrangement or change of m-zaba, the latest encryption protection, application of the software token embedded in the application and the fact that the application cannot be used without knowing the PIN guarantee safety when arranging, as well as using m-zaba.
    Entering the PIN is protected by a variable keypad, and services that are accessed with a PIN (m-banking, m-token) are automatically locked after multiple consecutive entries of an incorrect PIN, as well as after three minutes of inactivity.
    We want to remind you that your PIN is a secret number used to verify your identity and you should not disclose it or make it available to other persons.

    After three minutes of inactivity, m-zaba automatically turns off. You need to re-enter your PIN to restart the application. This time of activity of m-zaba enables a multitasking mode, e.g. copying of the recipient’s account number from the mail application into the order form, and the like.
    If you want to make sure that the application is inactive, select “Log out” or remove m-zaba from the list of applications running in the background immediately after you exit the application. The application is immediately locked and you need to enter your PIN to re-open the application.

    Report the loss or theft of the mobile device you use to access m-zaba to the Bank by calling 01/3789 888.

    The PIN for access to m-banking and m-token should be known to you only, so in case of theft or loss of the mobile device, it cannot be misused.


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    Token - Zagrebačka banka (2024)
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